Respiratory Medical Evaluation Instructions

The University of Minnesota has contracted with a vendor to provide Respirator Medical Evaluation services for its employees. To be cleared for respirator use, you must complete the Respirator Medical Evaluation Request for access to the online respirator questionnaire. 

You will need to be able to describe your work effort while wearing a respirator as lightmoderate, or heavy

Examples of light work:

  • sitting while writing, typing, drafting, or performing light assembly work
  • standing while operating a drill press (1-3 lbs.) or controlling machines

Examples of moderate work:

  • sitting while nailing or filing
  • driving a truck or bus in urban traffic
  • standing while drilling, nailing, performing assembly work, or transferring a moderate load (about 35 lbs.) at trunk level
  • walking on a level surface about 2 mph or down a 5-degree grade about 3 mph
  • pushing a wheelbarrow with a heavy load (about 100 lbs.) on a level surface

Examples of heavy work:

  • lifting a heavy load (about 50 lbs.) from the floor to your waist or shoulder
  • working on a loading dock
  • shoveling
  • standing while bricklaying or chipping castings
  • walking up an 8-degree grade about 2 mph
  • climbing stairs with a heavy load (about 50 lbs.)

After you submit the web form, you will receive an email containing an individualized link. When you click the link, you will be leaving the University of Minnesota system and entering a secure website. You will then complete the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation online.

When you have completed the online questionnaire, you will receive your respirator medical recommendations. If the recommendations state that you are cleared for respirator use, you should contact [email protected] to schedule your respirator fit test.

If you are not immediately cleared for respirator use by the system, a physician may contact you for additional information. The physician then will medically clear you for respirator use or recommend a physical exam. If you are told that you need a physical exam please contact [email protected] for a list of providers from which you may choose.

The University of Minnesota will not receive any of the medical information or history that you provide on the website or to the physician directly. The Biosafety and Occupational Health Dept. will only be notified of your clearance status. Your medical information will not be shared by the vendor with any other entity.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact [email protected] or (612) 626-5008.