Permit Types


Building Permit Addition

  • Building expansion in any direction adding square footage to the exterior of the building or by adding a story, including demolition of materials to complete the addition

Building Permit Alteration

  • Remodeling and/or demolition of existing space(s)

Building Permit New

  • Building a new structure

Demolition (Entire Building)

  • Removal of a building or structure along with its foundation
  • Removal and capping of plumbing, mechanical, septic, and electrical service also requires separate Plumbing, Mechanical, Utility, and/or Electrical Permits

Food Service Facility

    • Installation of cooking equipment
    • Kitchen renovation and remodel


      Electrical Permit

      • All electrical systems (wiring, electrical components, conduits, raceway, controls, equipment, etc.)
      • Work related to lighting, receptacles, door operators, generators, fire alarms, sprinklers, HVAC, etc.
      • Drinking fountain replacements require an electrical permit
      • Any scope of work above a ceiling that requires the replacement of or impacts an electrical element

      Fire Permit

        • Fire alarm and fire suppression installations also require a separate fire permit
        • Fire alarm and fire sprinkler installations, fire alarm devices used to activate fire/smoke dampers, air handling units, etc. Fire alarm annunciator panels, above ground and underground storage tanks, special suppression systems such as kitchen hood suppression systems (intergen/ansul/piranha type systems, etc.)
        • Tent/canopy permits 
        • Outdoor cooking permits
        • A panel interface and all electrical/power work related to the Fire Permit also require a separate Electrical Permit 

        Mechanical Permit

              • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), process piping, gas piping for human comfort, low pressure steam (15# and under), and hydronic heating & cooling process piping 
              • Kitchen hoods and smoke/fire dampers also require separate electrical permits and fire permits
              • Shunt trips also require a separate electrical permit
              • Hood suppression systems also require a separate fire permit
              • Med gas and gas appliances require a Plumbing Permit rather than a Mechanical Permit

              Plumbing Permit

              • Plumbing system work inside the building or within the property line for potable water supply and distribution pipes, all fixtures and traps, all drainage & vent pipes and all building drains, etc. 
              • Holding tanks, pumps, storm tech systems, etc. for gray-water systems used for plumbing fixtures 
              • Plumbing work outside the building, except for gray-water systems, requires a Utility permit

              Plumbing RPZ Rebuild

              • Rebuilds are required every 5 years or if an RPZ tested annually fails 

              Plumbing RPZ Testing

              • Testing is required annually. If the test fails, a RPZ Rebuild Permit is required with the rebuild
              • Outside contractors are required to apply for a RPZ Testing Permit 
              • FM/District employees performing work are required to report work on quarterly permit

              Septic Permit

              • Repairing or modifying an existing septic system or component 
              • Abandoning a tank or septic system 
              • Installing septic tanks and/or soil treatment areas (drainfields, at-grades and mounds, etc.)
              • Making changes to a facility served by a STSS

              Utility Permit

                • Water, sewer, storm sewer, stormwater retention systems, and grey-water systems outside the building
                • Electrical duct bank work, electrical service outside the building
                • Tempered water infrastructure
                • Fire service water mains