UHS Required Training

University Health and Safety required training is dependent on the hazards that you are working with.

How to Determine Your Training Requirements

Determine your training requirements based on your laboratory hazards, then document employee requirements in your LSP. Be sure to indicate if the requirement is a one-time requirement or an annual requirement. The UHS Training Locator and your UHS Research Safety Partner can help you determine these requirements.

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Lab-Specific Training

It is the responsibility of each PI/Lab Manager to:

  • Identify workplace hazards (chemical, physical, and biological)
  • Identify affected employees
  • Provide employee access to appropriate hazard information (i.e., Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc.)
  • Provide training regarding the specific hazards present in an employee's laboratory work area, including methods to control such hazards
  • Keep training records for five years (see Documentation)

Training must include required procedures and personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of exposure. Training must be provided at the time of an employee's initial work assignment, prior to assignments involving new potential exposure situations and annually thereafter. In the case that only one employee is working in the lab, that employee must review lab-specific training material annually and document that it has been done.

Lab-Specific Training Document
Lab-Specific Training Fact Sheet